Marketing Your Business or Brand

If you own a business, regardless of how large or small it, you will have to devise a marketing plan which should use one or more marketing strategies. This plan is essential if you intend to stay ahead of your competitors and remain profitable. There are several points you will have to take into consideration when deciding on your plan and some of those things are cost and the target group you wish to market to. Large companies and corporations may rely on TV advertising as their main marketing strategy and whilst this is an effective strategy, it can also be a very expensive one, one, most small businesses cannot afford. ‘

Today though many businesses are turning to a less expensive form of marketing, one which is catered to by companies like promo wizard that provide promotional items to be used as marketing tools. Promotional items have proven to be effective marketing tools and a marketing strategy which uses them is far less expensive than one which uses TV advertising. Many people think that promotional items are limited to just one or two different items but they are mistaken, probably because certain items are popular as promotional items but the larger providers, like the one mentioned, can have as many as 30,000 different items to offer for use as promotional items.

Promotional items all serve the same purpose and that is to promote a particular company or brand but they can do this in one of two ways. First, they can be an item which is practical and so will be used often by its owner who is reminded of the company or brand’s name or logo every time they do. The second way is an item which may not be used so frequently but when it is used, it makes the company name or logo visible to more than just the item’s owner. A keychain may be an example of the first whilst an umbrella an example of the second.

Whichever items are chosen, they will, of course, have to have a company’s name etched, embossed or otherwise permanently placed on them and for this specific reason, many of the companies which provide promotional items, employ their own professional artists who are experienced in knowing which designs are popular or particularly eye-catching. The company buying the promotional items will, of course, have to approve any suggestions the artist may have or even provide their own designs but something appropriate must be placed on the items in order for them to be effective.

Some companies may use more than one strategy in their marketing plan and that is fine once they can afford the budget for more than one. Any combination of strategies used though, should all contain the same message, logo or design in order for them to act together and be more cost-effective. An example of this may be a promotional item which every time is used, reminds the user of a particular TV advertisement.

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